Hi there, I’m Stepan and my mission is to help you with your journey to the Cloud.

Foxconn Technology

My journey starts almost ten years ago back in 2010 when I started in my first job as an Integration technician. It was a factory, I was configuring tons of servers for the enterprise customers and I’ve learned there one important thing: automation is the key, teach computers how they can work for you and then focus on the improvement of the process.

After some time, I moved to the engineering role and I become a technical leader for the small group of talented technicians. After some time, I moved to the engineering role and I become a technical leader for the small group of talented technicians.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Then, I was chosen by our customer to become a technology consultant in the local team and this is how I got to Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

In total, I spent in this factory for almost eight years. And I really don’t regret it. This is a key part of my work attitude, I’m problem solver and I could not become this person without such experience.


As I wanted to know all the stuff I was working with even from the administrator point of view, I’ve decided to move to a different company to the System Administrator role.

It was really legacy environment, everyone was really stressed and on-call shifts were a nightmare. Furthermore, I felt an absolute disconnect from the customer and the development cycle so after a short time period I’ve resigned and moved to the next job role with the name “DevOps Engineer.”


It felt really good. I could cooperate with developers, I was helping them with Developer Experience and I was the real part of the development lifecycle. However, after some time it started to be a bit boring and also I was not able to uphold some important infrastructure changes to make developers’ life easier. So I’ve decided to move towards the more conceptual and implementation job role.


So I become a Cloud Architect. I was designing and implementing Kubernetes platforms for customers. I was helping them with CI/CD and Developer Experience. I have started with public speeches there because I always wanted to work with the community. And most importantly, I’ve met there the most motivated and talented people in my life.

But there’s also B, I could not control the pressure so after a short time, I had to resign and find a better way how to help customers with cloud adoption and effectivity without losing my mind.

Story begins here…

And this is how my story begins. The story, where I’m trying to help you with Public Cloud adoption, Developer Experience and DevOps transformation. Let’s become part of this story together!

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